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Yachting Becomes Emerging Lifestyle

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Derived from the first hunting boat owned and used by the royals in Europe, yachting is naturally considered to be the word stands for top level luxury. What yachting brings to us, is the incomparable vision experience and a brand new life style.

This year, the orders to the Millennium Marine reached 18 yachts and the production is scheduled through to the February next year. Though still at its toddler stage, the yacht industry and market in China has its potential to go much further. Millennium Marine is expanding its presence to Yangtze River Delta Region, Pearl River Delta Region and BohaiEconomic Circle, where the fortune of China located, planning and making the businessmen in possessions of a good fortune their target buyers.

Here, we have several end users who purchased their yachts from Millennium Marine, and they are more than happy to share their stories with beloved yachts

<ZS Life>: Yachting seems to become a lifestyle trend, how’s your yachting experience?

<Mr.Zhang>: To me, I basically use my yacht to go fishing, the fish finder equipped in the yacht really helps. March this year, my friends and I went fishing in Sanya, stayed in the sea overnight because the best time for leaping is during the nights. What we caught that time was weighed more than 300kg, how impressed.

<ZS Life>: Do you steer yourself? You have your own driving license for the yachts?
<Mr.Zhang>: We hired crews when we use the yachts. I don’t have my license at the moment, in China we still have difficulty getting a license that you can use all around China. Considering that limitation, I rather hiring crews and captains to maximize my peace of mind, by that I can enjoy more in the sea.
<ZS Life>: Is your favorite activity in the sea fishing?
<Mr. Zhang>: I love to lie on the deck, feel the breeze and the white water too. DP 59 by Millennium Marine can go 38 knots per hour, excellent safety and find interior, it’s a moving house for me. Imagine when you get up in the morning, make some coffee, sea smell is in the air, which is refreshing. When you have friends around, have some wine, talk about what’s going on or something business, yacht becomes a great venue. Even when you are alone, grab a fishing rod to the rear of the yacht, waiting for something eats your bait or just let yourself to be free thinking is pretty relaxing.


<ZS Life>:Mr.Ying, what brings you the idea of purchasing yachts? We heard that you bought more than one?
<Mr.Ying>: I now have two yachts, one is 38-foot for my private use, another is 46-foot which is for the business. I normally use the business yacht to social with my clients and friends, try to make the business interaction more easy. Being under the pressure of working, yachting is a good way of pressure releasing.
<ZS Life>:What do you do in the sea? We were told that you are good at diving.
<Mr.Zhang>:Back to several year ago, I started learning to dive, so when I’m out yachting, I practice. One of my friends from Taiwan used to be my coach and now I can get down to 30m without any difficulty. The ocean has lots of gifts and I feel good finding shells and corals which are rare-seen.
<ZS Life>: Are you out yachting often?
<Mr.Ying>: That’s for sure. When having your own yacht and your own license, it’s convenient to go. I go yachting every other week, stay in the sea overnight. Find yourself a lovely island, moore your boat, spend your spare time with no interruption. I would say everyone will love that feeling.
<ZS Life>: Are your friends joining you purchasing their own yachts?
<Mr.Ying>: More and more of my friends have this kind of plan, and I believe they will get their own in a near future. I have the membership at Hongzhou International Yacht Club in Sanya,and is entitled to use the berth for 20 years. The membership was sold out in one month, I mean it.Rich people in China become aware of the new trend and it’s good to experience.


<ZS Life>: Yourc ompany integrated the house and the yacht as a package for sale, I guess you definitely have your unique insight into this market.
<Mr.Shao>: I personally got introduced to the yachts several year ago, I felt I liked it, thus I put some attention to the yacht markets. I’ve been an observer of the yacht markets in China for 7 years and now it’s eventually having its time.
<ZS Life>: You for sure have some more valuable opinions towards the purchasing behavior of businessmen who are from Zhejiang, do they all have intention buying the whole package?
<Mr.Shao>: I’ll say that our client from the real estate side, most of them have their own yachts, within which the percentage of the ownership through buying the house-and-yacht package is around 60%. We established our own yacht club-Phoenix Yacht Club, and we set up a service site to do the repair and the maintenance for our clients. 

<ZS Life>: What is your opinion on the yacht purchasing of businessmen from Zhejiang?

<Mr.Shao> Well, the businessman from Zhejiang to some extend is setting the trend of what to buy, the domestic markets for the yachts is growing, because yacht is affordable by heap of us. But we are still facing undeveloped infrastructures and matching facility. There is no uniformed yacht driving license and driving school for example. Yacht in this era is comparable to the Volkswagen Santana long ago. It’s new to our life and the market will go further.


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